Sep 08, 2021


Camping is a great way to relax and enjoy time with family and friends or even alone. To make the trip more complete and perfect, it is definitely indispensable for the necessary items when camping. If you still don't know what to bring to camping, please refer to this article! 

Although we’re only halfway through 2021, we’ve already found some of our favorites. If you still don't know what to bring to camping, please refer to this article! These are our picks for the best of the best camping gear accessories of 2021 (so far).

  • Enamel Camping Mugs

  • Never underestimate the capabilities of a high-quality camp cup. Use it for your breakfast oats or morning coffee, even an evening nightcap around the campfire—the right camp cup can do it all in the backcountry and around town.

    Enamel camping mugs are a great option, one of the best benefits of using them is their increased durability compared to ceramic cups. If you drop it on most floors, it rarely breaks because of the steel interior coated with enamel. The worst case I've heard of from one of my friends was some chips in the enamel after they dropped their mug from a distance onto a concrete floor! Then he ordered a new one for a clean look, but you can also use old chipped enamel mugs for an appropriately rustic effect when car camping. 

  • Camping hammock

  • The main benefit of hammock camping is that you save weight. Instead of sacrificing half of the space in your pack to a tent and hauling it miles up a trail, you can instead carry a bed the size of a grapefruit.

    I have read a study that suggests the natural rocking motion of a hammock can elongate the non-REM portion of sleep 

    In addition to better sleep, hitting the proverbial hay is presumably less of a chore. No need to clear the ground of rocks or sticks and mud is never an issue. You just need the appropriate trees.

  • Wine Tumbler

  • Camping, having a picnic, a barbecue, or a party on the beach are only some occasions on which you could drink wine outdoors. In fact, a wine tumbler is easier to transport, less delicate, and more balanced compared to stem glasses and they are definitely more adequate to take with you on camping or at picnics. 

    A wine tumbler can also be used for many other purposes. For instance, you can use it to drink water, beer, cocktails, soda, or anything else you might want to drink so I highly recommend it.

  • Camping mat

  • In case you do not have time to prepare tables and chairs, do not worry because a camping mat will be a solution for your trip. Many people often have the habit of using nylon carpets, but in fact, they pollute the environment, even more, when they are used again.

    Therefore, I recommend you choose picnic mats made from thick and waterproof materials that can be used in many different terrains.

  • Headlamp
  • As the name suggests, headlamps are types of lights that are placed on a user's head. These devices are ideal for backpacking and hiking due to their hands-free use.  While hiking, it is best to always have your hands free for whatever Mother Nature tosses your way, or to haul your gear. 

    Trails can be tricky to maneuver at night. Besides being similar to an unknown maze, these tracks usually contain rocks, tree roots, twigs, and even animals.  Any of these obstacles can prove harmful, and it is very convenient to have your hands free to catch yourself, move obstacles or run.

    A very wonderful and comfortable camping site in the forest is waiting for you. There is nothing better than enjoying the surrounding scenery and being in harmony, closer to nature. You will surely have comfortable moments and beautiful memories. With these few essential camping gears that we mentioned. We hope that you will prepare the best luggage for your upcoming journeys.

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